Enema equipment for enemas to clean your colon

EnemaEnemas are a great way to clean your colon and help to reduce parasites. Parasites don't like a clean colon! If you are not familiar with enemas, just read more about enemas, how to do enemas and everything else you ever wanted to know about enemas at www.enemainfo.com

Introduction to Enemas

The inventor of Corn Flakes,  J.H.Kellog was a medical doctor at the turn of the 20th century who advocated holistic methods of medicine and promoted colon hydrotherapy as a ‘cure all’ for many forms of disease and illness.

He documented examples of hundreds of patients who regained their health after the removal of faecal matter and mucoid plaque  from the walls of the colon through the use of enemas. He showed that there are reflex points in the colon that relate to all of the bodies organs and their functions.

In his view returning to normal functioning levels after illness required the promotion of healthy germs in the bowel and a strong peristaltic action. These lessons have not been lost and many people use enema’s and colon cleansing as a part of specific on going health regimes.

Types of Enemas

You can find all sorts of different enemas on the market. It can be sometimes confusing when you need to choose the right type of enema for your application. Here a brief overview:

Enema BagBag or Fountain enema
This enema bag is easy to handle. It comes with everything you need to do an enema and has the added advantage that you can store it away easily as it folds together. It can hold 2 litres of water.
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bottle enema Water Bottle Enema
This one is a bit harder to clean, specially if you want to do coffee enemas. It comes with all attachments, ready to go and also holds 2 ltrs of water. buy enema now

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Higginson EnemaHigginson Syringe
This piece uses hand pump action to get the water in. It is good if you want to do an enema in the ocean for example. You have a good control over the amount that you put in as you only do it one pump at a time. The drawback is that you have to be careful that it is always submerged so you do not pump air into your system.buy enema now



Bulb Enema  Bulb Enema
A good choice for children or if you really only want a quick release and not spend time to do a full enema session.
They usually have a anal attachment as well as a female douche attachment.buy enema now



implant kitImplant Kit
This Kit is excellent for probiotics or Ayurvedic Oil Enemas This 60ml Syringe and rectal tube make it easy to administer small amounts of liquid.buy enema now