Oxygen and Parasites

oxygenOxygen therapies are used to provide more oxygen to the body into order to promote healing and health. They can act on the body in two ways. The first is by supplementing the oxygen in the body. This is oxygenation. The second is where a third oxygen molecule splits off from another pair of oxygen molecules and is free to react with another "free radical" molecule. When it reacts to free radical molecules such as toxins or pathogens, for example, it will destroy or "oxidize" them. Some oxygen therapies oxygenate the body; others work by oxidation. Ozone does both.

Parasites thrive in a oxygen poor environment, so does cancer. There are many ways to increase the oxygen content in your body:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Studies of the effective use hydrogen peroxide destroying parasites have been very successful. Malaria parasites were killed with even slight concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in animal and laboratory studies.
Introducinghydrogen peroxide to the body often leads to the breakdown of the cancer cell. The peroxide can oxidize the cancer cell.


Oxy Powder is designed to clean, oxidize and reduce the amount of hard impacted fecal matter in the small intestine, large intestine and colon. As a colon cleanser, Oxy-Powder® adds oxygen into the bloodstream and bowel and does so in a natural and non-toxic way. In order to clean the digestive tract you must turn that solid compaction into a liquid or gas, using time-released oxygen (oxidation/reduction). This is exactly what Oxy-Powder® does. By using Oxy-Powder® you can melt away or oxidize the compaction from the small intestine, the large intestine and the colon safely and effectively. This is important because a clean intestinal tract is an essential step in achieving optimal health. Buy here


In a study of Giardia lamblia, a parasite that can infest the intestinal tract and cause severe symptoms of diarrhea, nausea, and cramps, patients were given either ozonated water or ozonated oil. The symptom reduction was very a successful -- 97.5% for each group.

In clinical practice, Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) physicians, treating a variety of tumors as well as melanoma, sarcoma, and leukemia use ozone as a part of their cancer treatment. Not only are tumors reduced, but also vitality and quality of life are improved. In animal studies, ozone has successfully reversed cancers. In the laboratory, ozone was shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells leaving normal cells unaffected. Buy a ozonator here

Zen Chi Machine

The Zen Chi machine's rhythmic motion is core driven, producing a metrical displacement which sends a balanced energy wave through the body. This unique wave-like motion replicates exercise and promotes the flow of blood to capillary banks in all extremities of the body, restoring supply to areas that may have suffered poor circulation. Body detoxification is improved via enhanced lymphatic circulation and abdominal peristalsis (involuntary digestive tract muscles), which results in a higher metabolic rate.
Aerobic exercise enhances the oxygen carrying ability of the blood, activates cells, and urges metabolism by increasing blood circulation and delivery of blood to peripheral nerves. External respiration is defined as the process of exchanging carbon dioxide from the blood for oxygen from the outside air.
Internal respiration is defined as the process that provides oxygen to cells and carries the product of metabolism, carbon dioxide, to the lungs.
Sufficient aerobic exercise, using the Zen Chi Relaxerciser, can normalize both external and internal respiration and therefore prevent diseases of the respiratory system. Buy here

Excercise with oxygen

It is difficult to increase the oxygen in your red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen to the tissues. The reason many say the amount of oxygen in the red blood cells cannot be increased is because, under most circumstances, they are already 97.3% saturated with oxygen. So they say a three-percent increase will make little difference, and the red blood cells won't accept the extra oxygen anyway.

William Campbell Douglas, MD in his landmark "Stop Aging or Slow the Process: How Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) Can Help" has clarified this. While the red blood cell info is true, the role of oxygen in the plasma needs to be considered. Many (but not all) people can, by taking lots of slow deep breaths, cause the oxygen content of the plasma itself to be significantly increased, and thus oxygen will be "pushed" into the body's cells without the aid of the red blood cells. Dr. Douglas shows that it is based on the "Law of Mass Action," which states that if you build up the concentration of a certain component in a chemical mixture high enough, chemical combining will take place with other elements in the mixture, which under normal circumstances wouldn’t happen. In this way, the normal "shunting," or oxygen's bypassing cellular uptake, is partly reduced and the cells get extra O2 anyway.

Excercise with oxygen (EWOT) should be performed with high flow oxygen of 8 – 10 Liters per minute, at a purity of 90 – 95%. EWOT is extremely simple, inexpensive, can be done in any location, and is a well researched technique that can be used to prevent or to address health problems and disorders caused by poor oxygen delivery. Due to advances in technology the high flow high purity oxygen equipment required for EWOT is now easily accessible to all.


Transformational breathwork (where one lies down and gently increases their breathing rate for a period of time) sometimes called 'Rebirthing' works a great deal in this manner, and this partly explains why so many "healings" occur by just doing more good breathing in a safe and supportive environment.

Activities that reduce your Oxygen levels

Using more oxygen to get more oxygen = A net loss.
You can run, swim or walk for miles and not increase the oxygen content of your blood. You may even decrease your blood oxygen as the body burns oxygen to cover the degree of increased muscular activity. You may also be producing insufficient blood-CO2 levels that will compromise O2 transfer into the blood cells and the mitochondria. Thus, you will not develop "oxygen-rich blood" if you have this form of hidden hyperventilation, also called "overbreathing." Overbreathing can only be uncovered if you test your real time CO2 levels to make sure you are producing enough.

The most punishing oxygen users for the body are major operations, heart weakness, poor posture, tension in neck and around shoulders, acute and repetitive trauma, too much exercise, chronic inflammation, poor digestion, poor diet, negative attitude, fungal, viral or bacterial infection, toxic stress, chronic sinusitis, food allergies, sleep apnea, snoring issues, shallow breathers, asthma, emphysema, heart attack, stroke, lack of exercise, dehydration, cancer, chemotherapy, acidic body pH, weak kidney’s, high stress levels (especially when accumulated over time), Operations have an instant draining effect on the C02. Within 24 hours, C02 drops below the danger zone and, according to an MD I know, it can take 50 days or more to make a reasonable recovery.

CANCER loves a low-oxygen environment and so, although chemotherapy and radiation may be killing some cancer cells, they are probably encouraging the growth of more cancer, because these interventions rob the tissues of oxygen. Either the cancer starts growing again or a new type of cancer can start.